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Rémy Cabella: «I play feeling liberated»

The ASSE playmaker expressed harmony with the other midfield players, today, during a press conference. He also emphasized the serenity that the arrival of Jean-Louis Gasset’s recruits and that that of Ghislain Printant have brought him, personally and collectively as well.
Having maintained your Ligue 1 status, will your approach to matches change?
It’s a huge relief for everyone. It was very difficult a few months ago, when we were constantly doubting ourselves. Today, our primary objective has been reached. But if we want to be ambitious, we have to aim higher. The second objective is thus to finish in fifth or sixth place in order to qualify for the Europa League.
On a daily basis is the team more relaxed?
Absolutely not. That was our weekly order before the match in Nantes. We owe it to ourselves to not relax so that we can finish the season with serenity. This weekend’s match will be very difficult, but we’re going to fight to secure a positive result. Then, we’ll prepare for matches one after the other, but from here on out everything is positive. We have a good team that plays Football very well.
Was the Winter Transfer Window the turning point of the season?
That didn’t change everything, but after this difficult period, we needed the vacation in December to clear our heads. The arrival of Jean-Louis Gasset, that of Ghislain Printant and Julien Sablé’s work, who is with us on a daily basis, did us a world of good. The International level players also gave everyone confidence. Things progressed little by little, we progressed and now we’re delivering great performances.
Did the Derby in Lyon put the team in a better frame of mind?
We showed ourselves to be a new team that doesn’t give ground to anyone. We’re capable of many things, against the toughest teams in the championship. When I look back on the beginning of the season, what we went through was difficult. Since we’ve come back, we play much better. You can say that if we had had this team during the whole season, we would have been able to do very well.
What type of relationships do you maintain with Jean-Louis Gasset and Ghislain Printant?
Personally, I love the staff. They know how to combine rigor and relaxation. They push us to give everything we’ve got, they give us serenity. I know Ghislain very well and he knows me very well. He yells a lot, one can hear him from Montpellier (laughs)! With him, one have to give 1000%!
You scored three goals in two matches. How do you feel?
I’ve always felt well here. There are players that provide me with good conditions so that I can do my thing. The number 10 role, that’s the position that I feel the best playing. With Yann M’Vila and Ole Selnæs, who play at a very good level, I feel great and I play feeling liberated. Yann brings serenity, takes his time, waits for better opportunities. I move according to him, I know that as soon as he has the ball he’ll be looking to pass it up to someone. He makes many players feel liberated when they play, especially Ole who plays on the same line as him.
Do you see PSG is coming here to coast through the match?
I think the big clubs always want to win every match they play. They have the best players in every position but we’ll be on our home turf, we can’t be afraid, or psyche ourselves out. We’ll be supported by our fans, I’m looking forward to this match.

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