Pros Friday 20 April 2018 à 15h23

Kévin Monnet-Paquet : "We are enjoying ourselves"

The Stéphanois winger underlines the good performances of the Verts and wants to enjoy as much as possible until the end of the season.

How do you assess the improvement of the team in the last months ?

In December, it would have been difficult to imagin that we could talk about a European spot at the end of the season. But I was confident that good players would join us during the winter transfer window. We have momentum with outstanding results now. We want to continue. The end of 2017 was difficult but now we are enjoying so much oursleves. The atmosphere in the team is very good. 

What brought to the team the new technical staff and players ?

The new players helped to make the level higher. They also brought serenity. The coach brought in his knowledge of football, his confidence and serenity. He knows perfectly the situation of the team. With Ghislain Printant, it is a very good combination as Ghislain always put happiness during the training session and demands high level of concentration at the same time. He makes fun with everybody, the young players and the most experienced ones…

What is your opinion on the victory earned in Strasbourg ?

The coach is right. We were very close from losing and it would have been so bad. It was very close… But it will help us so that we continue fighting. Against Troyes, it will be difficult, they almost managed to win over Marseille last week. We didn’t beat them this season in two games. It will be a difficult game.

What said the coach before these 5 last games ?

He said he wanted to win as many games as possible in order to end the season in the highest position we can. We need to give it our all and we have to enjoy as much as possible. If we win all our games, we might make it. But we have to fight, we saw that in Strasbourg.

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