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Jean-Louis Gasset: «We have to keep a level head»

Happy to have attained 42 points, Jean-Louis Gasset savours the victory secured by his team against Nantes. For the moment, he only wishes to focus on the upcoming match against Paris Saint-Germain.
What is your opinion of your team’s amazing victory against Nantes?
We’ve played the last few matches fairly well on a technical level and, today, thanks to our new confidence among other things, we didn’t lose our heads. The match could have gone any way, we could have conceded three goals just like we could have scored two more. What I take away from this match is that we’re making progress, which is characteristic of a team with confidence. We’ve played nine matches without defeat, five of those matches we played as an away team and of those five we won three and tied 2 in Lyon and in Rennes. That means we’re a difficult team to play.
AS Saint-Etienne has attained the 42 points it needed. What’s your goal now?
It’s a recent development, let me savour the fact that I’ve completed my mission! Let me savour this victory in Nantes where it’s difficult to impose yourself and the three goals scored against one of the best defensive lines in the championship. Friday, Paris will come to the Cauldron. We have to keep a level head. When you face Paris, logic dictates that you expect that you won’t take points. Today, we have 42 points even if we were in a delicate situation. 
How are you going to approach this match against Paris Saint-Germain?
It’s going to be a gala match, we have nothing to lose. After having seen them play yesterday, we know that we’ll have to rack our brains to figure out how to thwart them because there aren’t many teams that manage to do so. It’s going to be a tough match.
Rémy Cabella had a hand to play in all the goals scored this evening. What did you think of his performance?
He has the qualities of great player, he has the technique and the incredible physical abilities. Today, in the position where he is, he has to score goals if he wants to become a great player. That’s part of his progression. Today he scored two, which is huge for him.

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