Pros Friday 06 April 2018 à 23h52

Jean-Louis Gasset: «Very proud of my players and of our fans»

Depsite the goal scored at the last second, the Verts’ coach underlined the great performance of his team and that of their fans.
How do you feel at the end of the match?
Proud! I’m very proud of my players and of ASSE’s fans. We delivered a great performance. This situation is terrible for us due to Paris’ goal at the last minute of the match but when you don’t score a second goal against teams like that, you risk having your opponent even the score until the end of the match.
What is the state of mind of your players?
They feel knocked down because they dreamed this whole week of beating the future champion of France. We played how we had to and what pleases me even more so is that we played our game. Against Paris, we could have played more defensively but we preferred to play offensively. We made the effort to create openings to score.

Was the missed penalty kick the turning point of the match?
I’ve known great players and they’ve all missed penalty kicks. Rémy is the most unfortunate. He played a great game and he scored a goal. He’s on the way to becoming a great player.
Does this situation leave you with regrets?
At half time, 1-0 was the minimum that we could have. Normally, when playing a match like this, we have to win, but PSG is a team that hates to lose and that pushed themselves hard in order to earn a point.
What does the final result make you think of?
Earning a point against Paris is great! Delivering a great performance and competing technically with them is incredible! This scenario frustrates us but, tomorrow, when we wake up, we’ll tell ourselves that we still earned a point and against Paris no less. Our dynamic remains strong and of the 10 last matches we’ve won 5 times and tied 5 times having played against Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

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