Pros Wednesday 11 April 2018 à 17h48

Frédéric Paquet: «Transform the club while keeping its identity»

An interdisciplinary sports project, founded in particular on the reinforcement of the Academy, and the implementation of a real CSR Policy are the cornerstones of the club’s development, which were presented this Wednesday by Frédéric Paquet, CEO of ASSE.

The Recovery of the Club

 “The club is in a transition phase and is gradually emerging from a period of doubt. The recovery, made these past weeks, is the work of all of the components of the club: shareholders who managed their responsibilities this winter; the coach, his staff and the players who reconstructed the team and delivered great performances in record time; all the employees who stayed strong and continued to believe during the difficult moments; the partners who remained united; all the fans who, despite the violent outbursts made by some of the club’s supporters, whose actions we condemn completely, continued to encourage the team. ASSE is a club that is unique in comparison to all others and has a remarkable history in the world of sports and an ability to inspire a unique passion for Football in France. Not only are we proud of this, but we think that people should by inspired to think of our story as a model for modern Football.”

An Ambitious Team and a Reinforced Training Program

The shareholders would like to have an ambitious team that ranks high on the leaderboard. They are fully aware of the necessary means at their disposal and are actively looking for solutions. They are also aware that timing is an essential element so that the club can operate well in regards of preparing the team and preparing for the next season as well. The formation of a pro competitive team will be accompanied by a reinforced training program. Integrating into the heart of the team more players trained by the club will be an objective. We’re reserving places for young players trained by the ASSE Academy. We will also create a performance department and merge the two recruitment departments, the first team sector recruitment department and the ASSE Academy recruitment department in order to improve the way our players are recruited. The monitoring of young players will also be supported by the maximum number of experts in a variety of fields (physical preparation, psychology, schooling, dieting...) in order to promote their progress and improve their performance. The complimentary skills that exist in the club must be put at the service of the progression of players of all categories. This mission has to take several steps into account: recruit young players with much potential; train them well; reserve a place for them on the professional team; give them game time. Every step counts.”

The Implementation of a CSR Policy

"AS Saint-Etienne has always had strong values of solidarity and sharing, of which the club and everyone who is part of the environment generated by the club are very proud. These values also generate sympathy everywhere in France. Thanks to ASSE Coeur-Vert, many actions on the part of citizens have been supported in these last few years. Our wish is to develop the social dimension of the club by implementing a real, legitimate CSR Policy in relation to our core business. The job of a Football club is to discover and improve talented players. Our CSR Project will thus consist of fostering the discovery of talent in various fields of activity by giving young people in difficulty the means to fully develop their potential. Our ambition is to give back to the club some of its coherence with respect to the its values."

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